America has high performing sports cars, too


The Hellcat boasts 707 HP.

Evan Rocha, Staff Writer

Chrysler’s SRT (Street and Racing Technology) is well known in the car world as an in-house tuner shop that takes certain Dodge and Chrysler cars and turns the dial up to ten. Just two years ago, SRT released the Charger and Challenger Hellcat. Both come packing 707 horsepower, which is astonishingly high even among supercars. For example, a Ferrari 488 GTB contains 660 horsepower under a 3.9L twin-turbo V8 engine. It MSRP’s around $250,000. Both Hellcats have a 6.2L HEMI V8 and sell for around $68,000.

This vast price difference has helped Dodge to market the car as an extremely discounted alternative to popular supercar options from Ferrari and Lamborghini. There are very few cars that even come close to the Hellcat’s output, one notable example being the F12 Berlinetta, which retails for around $320,000. As one can see, the Dodge is a more financially appealing option.

Obviously, though, most people who spend >$70,000 on a car aren’t extremely interested in saving money, but the Dodge offers relatively good performance when compared to its more expensive rivals.

There still are criticisms, however, of the Hellcat models. They’re extremely heavy cars, weighing well over two and half tons each. They also have inferior handling and track performance when compared to more common supercars. They’re more of a drag racing vehicle than a track racing vehicle. Although this is mostly subjective, they also lack the same kind of essence as a European supercar, being visually extremely similar to the regular Charger and Challenger that are very common to see on the road.

But SRT has another trick up their sleeve. They’ve decided that their next iteration in the SRT series will be a Challenger with 757 horsepower, dubbed the “Demon.” Not much has been revealed about this car yet, but if put into production is will be one of the most powerful stock vehicles on the planet, losing out only to specially tuned supercars and exotic multi-million dollar hypercars.