McNugget sauce revival

Nik Holdsworth, Staff Writer

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Recently a retired McDonald’s McNugget sauce has been gaining popularity for its must needed return to the mouths of many loyal nugget consumers.

The sauce is known as Mulan Szechuan sauce and was originally used for the purpose of promoting the Disney classic Mulan. It premiered in McDonald’s stores all over the world on June 19, 1998. It is an authentic Szechuan sauce and unlike a Shamrock Shake that comes back every year, this sauce has never been released to the public once it was taken away.

The main reason that this sauce has gained a lot of public attention is from the Sci-fi cartoon series Rick and Morty.  In the first episode of series 3, the main character Rick goes back in time to 1998. While he is being interrogated by the galactic federation and his brain is literally melting, he treats himself to this very delicious McNugget sauce with a classic ten piece.

In the show Rick states that he will wait nine more seasons of the show until he gets his McNugget sauce, but the public will probably be getting it sooner. A petition has been signed by close to 50,000 people and numbers and popularity for the McNugget sauce are still rising. McDonald’s even sent over Mulan’s Szechuan sauce to the creators of the show Rick and Morty which just made many people even more eager to get a taste. The reviews so far of the sauce have been very good; the co- creator of the show said, “It’s better then sweet and sour.” Others who have tried it call it “sweet General Tsao’s sauce.”

McDonald’s has listened to the public and has also posted some teasers to twitter saying that they may be releasing the sauce sooner than the public expected. Many believe the sauce will be released again once the new live action Mulan movie is released in 2018. As of yet there are no confirmed release dates for anything regarding Szechuan sauce, but keep a look out for it.

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