Times have changed

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Times have changed

Nik Holdsworth

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Classic analog watches just aren’t as popular as they used to be. As a fan of these types of watches I want to find out why.

Watches have changed a drastic amount in recent years. Analog watches which tick and have two hands have become old fashioned. Recent trends have led towards smart watches and various digital watches. Smart watches that are basically an entire smart phone that fits on you wrist have been selling like wildfire across the world. Companies like Apple, and Samsung have made these watches to not only be the future of watch technology but they make using their smartphones even easier to use. And yes you can even tell the time on these smart watches.

Some of the major indicators that analog watch popularity has dropped dramatically is the stock price of one of the largest watch companies, Swatch which owns Congines, Harry Winston, Tissot, and Omega is down 6.1 percent.

Apple watches were a huge success when they came out but even their sales are down 89%. Many people do own watches but you don’t nearly see as many on peoples wrists as you used too.

Probably the biggest recent for people not wanting to wear an analog watch is because of smart phones. Why spend all the effort of lifting your wrist all the way up and having to look at two different hands on the watch when with a click of a button you can read the exact time as 9:15 nice and bright.

Watches are also expensive, in this age millennials aren’t making nearly as much money as their parents have. Millennials are making about 20% less then their parents but phone popularity is increasing every single day.

Another factor contributing to the diminishing analog watch popularity is not as many people can read analog watches as they used too. 1 in 7 adults in Europe struggle with reading analog watches. Even in America 4 in 5 children in Oklahoma can’t read analog watches.

Analog watches are still ticking but who knows when they will be extinct completely.

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