What costumes to expect this Halloween

Albert Turner, Staff Writer

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This coming Halloween will be sure to impressive with a wide variety of influential shows and cartoons begging to being imitated by those fans who hold them in such high regard, for better or for so, so much worse. So in this article I’ll tell you what to expect to see knocking on your door, or hanging around at your party, this Halloween.

-Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith- The infamous show Rick & Morty has sparked a massive fanbase spanning multiple age groups so expect to see youngins and teens alike clad in lab coats or plain yellow shirts, stammering and stuttering their words mimicking the creative genius behind the show and the voices of the characters Justin Roiland.

-Moana- One that will be done by a massive portion of ladies this Halloween is Moana, after the blockbuster Disney picture. The Hawaiian beauty will be sure to draw the attention and the consideration of many Halloween-goers as at the very least a consideration of costume.

-The Classics- Your Screams, Jasons, Chuckies, and Werewolves will be out in full effect for those who were not captivated by any show this year and will just like always be relevant due to their deep roots in Halloween culture. Another will be added this year, however, with clowns being thrust back into the limelight thanks to the “IT” movie, speaking of the movie “IT.”

-Georgie from “IT”- Being a horror movie with iconic characters coming out really close to Halloween, any easy to find and dress as characters in the movie are subject to be dressed as, enter Georgie, small child covered in a Yellow Raincoat with one red balloon. Easy to do, no makeup and a perfect mimicry of the caught child in the great horror movie.

The Teen Titans –  Lots of people are sure to be dressed as one of the five characters in the Teen Titans, which has recently been popularized by Teen Titans Go on Cartoon Network.  Kids and adults alike are sure to dress up as, Robin, Raven, Starfire and the rest of the gang and go on a candy hunting adventure.

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What costumes to expect this Halloween