DIY Christmas decor for your humble abode

Because the greatest decorations are those made from the heart

Simple and sweet, this craft is family-friendly and easy.

Simple and sweet, this craft is family-friendly and easy.

Victoria Valby, Staff Writer

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Decorations can range anywhere from $5 to $500, and that is simply ridiculous.  Christmas already requires hundreds and hundreds of dollars to fill that space underneath the tree, so having to buy expensive decorations along with gifts is not the most pleasant experience. However, in light of this season of giving, I am here to brighten your world with a few simple, cheap décor ideas that are just as fun as any blinking reindeer from Target.

Little did you know, Dollar Store fish bowls can be transformed into a magical snowman that is perfect for a coffee table or island counter. This three-tiered snowman looks difficult, but it is quite simple. All you need are three small sized fish bowls that can stack, snow village pieces (people, trees, etc.), one bag of fake snow, two sheets of black craft foam, hot glue gun, Christmas ribbon, and scissors. Place some snow at the bottom of each bowl and arrange your village pieces however you would like! Cut a rectangle from the black foam for the snowman’s hat and hot glue the edges together to make a cylinder. Then cut a circle for the top and hot glue. Add some ribbon to the hat for a fancy finish. If you want to be a bit craftier, add a battery-operated tea-light into the top bowl before putting the hat on. This leaves your snowman shining bright!

Terra Cotta pots, the orange plant pots we all have seen before, can make great heads for snowmen! This easy craft is fun, exciting, and provides a reminiscent childhood feeling of Christmas and the holidays. All you need are Terra Cotta pots (one for each snowman you would like), an old mitten, ribbon, white paint, orange paint, black paint, craft pom poms, and patterned paper. Simply turn each pot over, paint the entire pot white and let dry. Then, add on pom poms for earmuffs, paint on a carrot nose, black eyes, and a mouth. From there, cut a rim of the patterned paper to go around the bottom rim of the pot, acting as the scarf. Last but not least, cut the fingers off of the mitten, place over the top of the pot, and tie off the top of the mitten with the ribbon. Voila! A cute craft that will bring holiday cheer to you and your wallet!

The holidays are about being cheerful and having fun, and with these crafts, your house can look amazing without breaking the bank. Don’t forget the true meaning of the holidays!

How creative! This craft looks like a three-story snow globe.

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