The Polish, runaway cow

Escaped one periling fate only to fall victim to another

Standing tall and proud, this was the heroic cow of Poland that won’t be forgotten.

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Standing tall and proud, this was the heroic cow of Poland that won’t be forgotten.

Tori Valby, Staff Writer

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Around the beginning of February 2018, a cow in South Poland was put into a truck and was being taken to a slaughterhouse. However, she was not going down without a fight. The cow broke out of her restraints and made a break for it, as she exited the vehicle of death and submerged herself in the local ocean. The story appeared on the news in no time, as this cow now being called the “hero cow” took initiative and swam out to a nearby Polish island off the coast of Lake Nyskie. Upon her dramatic exit, one of the farm workers attempted to contain her and sustained a broken arm and a bruised rib- never underestimate a cow.  This island hopping was no brief vacation, as the cow stayed out of death’s reach for several weeks on the nearby island. Mr. Lukasz, the owner of this heroic cow, claimed that he did in fact attempt to go to the island, but when he did, the cow simply re-submerged herself in the water and swam around until he left. She was determined to save her own life.

The next step was calling the firefighters in because letting the cow go free was not an option for some odd reason. It was as if she was the rarest cow in all of Poland! However, even the mighty firefighters fell short of victory as the cow swam away, diving high and low, from even them. After several days of trying to retrieve the cow, the owner finally recognized that his efforts were most likely a waste of his time, and instead of attempting to make the cow food, he began to leave her some on the island! And she lived happily ever after, right? Wrong! After weeks of civilians attempting to organize rescue attempts and missions, one man by the name of Pawel Kukiz was determined to “reward the cow for her attitude.” Kukiz planned to enlist a vet on his mission to safely tranquilize the cow and then transport her off the island, where she would then live in harmony! However, if you do not believe in the power of fate, believe in it now. Just when we all thought that she had escaped death, death came knocking once more. After being sedated by the vet, she was put into a truck, but on her journey to safety, she died in her sleep due to stress, “according to a report.” No wonder she was stressed! She was frantically swimming away from her kidnappers for weeks on end and most likely believed she was being taken back to the slaughterhouse! However, she died as a hero, and will never be forgotten.

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