The Return of Crocs

Lauren Hancock, Staff Writer

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Back to school time means back to school shopping once again. As usual, fall fashion trends are appearing, and we have seen all the most popular clothes, and of course, shoes. Nike, Adidas, and converse sneakers are probably the most commonly worn shoes by students each year. The last couple years, however, Crocs have been a rising fashion movement.

About a decade ago, Crocs were in their prime and almost everyone had at least one pair. Now, Crocs are making their inevitable comeback in the fashion world and have been spotted several times on campus. The most popular croc colors are probably white, black, and navy blue. These colors are the classic pairs, however, some of the newer, brighter colors are much more fun and super cool. My personal favorites would be the light pink pair and the teal ones as well. Senior Brooke Thornton says that “Crocs are fashionable and the best colors are camo and pink.”

If festive Croc colors are not exciting enough for you, then you can further decorate your Crocs with jibits. Jibits are charms that you clip on to the top of your Crocs. There are plenty of jibits to choose from, such as jewels, flowers, and even sports themed ones. Jibits make Crocs more fun and fashionable than ever before.

Along with the original pair of Crocs, the company has made many modifications and spin-offs of the original shoe. For example, a popular pair would be the Crocs that come with a fuzz layer on the inside. There are also a variety of new kinds of flip flops, that, although their look differs from the original Crocs, they still consist of the classic Croc material.

Crocs are an upcoming trend; however, they need to get more media attention to regain their previous glory. So, this year, instead of buying a basic pair of shoes for the fall, buy a pair of Crocs and join the Croc revolution.

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The Return of Crocs