Bathrooms Unmasked

After three full years, current seniors, have revealed trade secrets of the best and worst bathrooms in East Lake High School, in hopes of leaving upcoming students with a word of lasting advising.


Porcelain throne being unmasked. Not all bathrooms are made for kings and queens. Photo Credit: Madison Stites

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

It doesn’t matter who you are, when you have to go, you have to go. Due to our lack of control we have no option but to use the often dreaded public bathrooms. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to do your business where you feel it is best. It is with this mind that what could be the most important question ever brought to discussion is to be addressed: What are East Lake High School’s best bathrooms?
Students have about 6 hours 30 minutes at school each day, and majority of students enter the bathroom at least once in that time, for what comes in must come out. Though many have a fear of the horrors that lie in the school bathrooms there are some restrooms that are better than others. Many of the senior students of East Lake High School were interviewed over their choice of where it is best to go, as with three years behind their opinions, they have had the time to come to well-reasoned conclusions.
Stereotypically, for girls, the bathroom is a place to gather in packs and conversate. Yet, they too care about the quality of the place they are entering. When asked around the school of what the best and worst restrooms were, the question caused very little disagreement. The majority of girls interviewed stated that the bathrooms in building 9 are the best the school has to offer. Senior Maria Millen stated with passion, “My favorite bathrooms are in building 9 because they are the cleanest and indoors so they aren’t hot.” She even went as far as to say, “I will walk all the way from building 2 to 9 to go to the restroom.”  Another senior, Lianys Olmeda, voiced, “Well, you see, I don’t think there is particularly any good bathroom, but if I had to use one it would be building 9.” Overall, the other comments were filled with similar statements. This is without surprise, the building 9 bathrooms are among the few that have any air conditioning, appealing to the majority due to the suffering heat Floridians endure. When asked what the worst bathrooms were, the answers all pertained to outdoor restrooms that run without air conditioning. Previously mentioned, Lianys Olmeda, finished her earlier statement with ,“The worst bathrooms are the ones next to the cafeteria because they are always filled with people and constantly smell weird.” This claim related to many others, who found the cafeteria and building 2 restrooms as the worse. The constant heat, scents, and insects (that of which have included cockroaches), leave the female population avoiding these bathrooms when they can and sometimes at all costs.
For the male population, the answers were slightly varied from that of the female population. The majority of senior males interviewed came to the conclusion that the best bathrooms were determined to be downstairs by the office. The students most often said that these were the “cleanest,” which was emphasized by senior Kishon Patel. They also seemed to hold appreciation for the lack of people who used them. These two qualities seemed of the most importance when it comes to the best restrooms, in the male mind. However, one interviewed senior, Andrew Economos, directly opposed, saying the bathrooms by the office were the worst because “the dryer is not powerful enough,” showing that sometimes people appreciate the small things. When it comes to the worst bathrooms, votes are split between upstairs library bathrooms or cafeteria bathrooms. These claims were made on the basis of how unclean they are and the rank scents of hundreds of students that emit from the open doorways. Furthermore, these bathrooms are inconvenient and crowded spaces, making them stuffy and uncomfortable. These horrific characteristics, make them unappealing and revolting.
From cockroaches to horrible smells many students have seen the worst side of the school bathrooms. However, there are bathrooms that are worth going to in the hours of need. These slightly change from male to female view, but overall the clean and air conditioned stand out. The seniors of East Lake High will leave upcoming classes with this wisdom to aid their future choices where to go when they have to go.