The Monthly Meme: September Edition


Here’s Johnny!

Sean Cunningham, Staff Writer

Determining a 3rd article series to round out my junior year rotation was quite the simple endeavor; for those of you who don’t know, I am quite the meme connoisseur myself. 2018 has seen a dramatic bounce back from the lack-luster meme pool of 2017, and it seems like there always seems to be an intriguing and entertaining meme keeping us falling back into hysterical fits of laughter! I have decided to nominate what in my opinion has earned the distinction of “The Monthly Meme” each and every month, and this series is being initiated alongside the sensational “Johnny Johnny.”
While other memes such as Thanos Car and I Love It created quite the competitive month, I believe that the popular appeal and longevity of Johnny Johnny earns it September’s spot. This meme seems quite harmless and innocent, as many great memes start out. However, it is obvious that it has capitalized on a clever loophole in the current meme community-the format loophole. Johnny Johnny creates a template that can be picked apart, smushed around, and deviated in an endless sum of ways, and the creativity behind these deviations is where this meme (and all other format-oriented memes) capitalize. The creativity of the format itself earns Johnny Johnny +100 meme points, along with the seemingly innocent intended audience garnering it an extra +50 meme points. This meme gained traction through late August and was at its peak throughout the first half of September, dominating the mainstream meme scene for a respectable amount of time. Although it has began to experience a drop in popularity (as almost all memes do), Johnny Johnny has surprisingly held its own and refuses to fade! This resilience earns it +200 meme points, and in my personal opinion the meme itself earns +250 meme points for overall entertainment value. Rounding out at a cool 600 meme points, Johnny Johnny is certainly another example of why 2018 is a great year to be in the meme scene!