Just Go With The Flo

Mrs. Florio Takes The Helm of a Blossoming Theatre Program

Sean Cunningham, Staff Writer

After a thrilling 2017-2018 season for the East Lake Drama Program, the future was looking bright for my comrades and myself going into the 2019 year. Alas, we all had to receive the heartbreaking news that our beloved director and teacher Mr. Brad Brady had turned in his letter of resignation and would be stepping down this year. Many were worried, and rightfully so! Years of hard work had been contributed by hundreds into the development of this program which was now standing as one of the top dogs of the theatre district, and now the backbone of it all was about to disappear! However, many others were confident that regardless of who filled in the role Brady was exiting, our troupe would be able to keep this flurry of momentum growing faster and faster.
In our program’s most dire moment of uncertainty, in comes Mrs. Kimberly Florio! “Thrilled to accept this wonderful opportunity,” Mrs. Flo will be seated at the throne as our commander in chief of operations at ELHS Drama. The long-time director of Countryside High’s Drama Program has extensive experience working in the high school environment. Additionally, her contribution as choreographer of East Lake’s smashing success Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat allowed her to find comfort in the East Lake auditorium, and with our wonderful student actors. Her bubbling personality and fiery willpower add up to an extremely determined and committed leader that will surely take our program to even greater heights. She keeps a close relationship with Brady, the two of them having just recently displayed their own prowess onstage in West Coast Players’ production of Chapter Two by the late great playwright Neil Simon. This connection has allowed for a seamless transition from one year to the next, one director to the next, and one story to the next. The student body has acted accordingly, finding great comfort in their newfound leader and backing her with the same tenacity they backed Brady with. There has been no shortage of innovation either, as her most impactful change to our troupe’s routine is the addition of the now iconic “Workout Wednesdays,” a surprisingly grueling exercise regiment that we complete once weekly. Changes such as these show that Flo is not going to slide into her role unnoticed, and is making a point to highlight her presence in this flourishing program.
Mr. Brady can still be seen on an almost daily basis in the auditorium, but make no mistake-Florio is the one calling all the shots now. With East Lake’s fall season being casted, anticipation is in the air for what could be the drama program’s strongest play to date, All My Sons by Arthur Miller. Student actors taking on this beast consider it “one of the best plays of all time!” Additionally, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that with Mrs. Flo behind the wheel, Michael Stewart’s Hello, Dolly! will be an absolute must-see. If one thing is for certain, it is that even though the Brady era of ELHS drama is sadly but a memory, a new era is being ushered in-the era of Mrs. Kimberly Florio!