Dim Sum – Your next culinary escapade


The literal translation for Dim Sum is “to touch the heart” Photo Provided by CNN.com

Danielle Barnych, Staff Writer

Many people recognize Chinese food in the form of fast food chains such as Panda Express and PF Chang’s. Although this food may seem tasty and flavorful, it is not traditional Chinese food in its most decedent form. While many people do not know what Dim Sum is, it is beloved by many Asian and non-Asian households all around the world and is considered a staple in a lot of Asian restaurants.

So, what is Dim Sum? Well, Dim Sum is a style of steamed dumplings filled with many different things such as meat, seafood and vegetables. The good thing about these is that there are so many variations that there is something for everyone whether you prefer savory, sweet or spicy foods. Popular types of dumplings are Shumai and Xiaolongbao. In English, these are just special types of dumplings filled with a variation of pork, shrimp or vegetables.

So, when do people normally eat Dim Sum? Unlike other Chinese foods, Dim Sum is only served for lunch at most restaurants. For example, a popular Chinese food restaurant in Tampa called Yummy House only serves Dim Sum during lunch hours from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm. Also, in many Asian countries, Dim Sum is meant to be a small snack between breakfast and dinner, enjoyed in a relaxed setting where friends and family can sit and eat food together. Dim Sum is traditionally served in small portions, so you can order and eat as many or as little you would like. Which makes it the perfect snack to satisfy any craving.

Like all other foods, Dim Sum has a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of many of the people who appreciate its art form. As Carissa Bowers, an East Lake senior, puts it, “Every time you take a bite of Dim Sum you get an insight into what Asian culture and food is all about.” So, the next time you crave Chinese food, contemplate trying something new and expand your culinary horizons with traditional Chinese Dim Sum.