The Grinch who stole Halloween

“A tale told best with a side of arsenic sauce”

Truly green with envy

Truly green with envy

Danielle Barnych, Staff Writer

Since we were little tots, every kid remembers the iconic story of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The Grinch starts off as a grumpy antagonist in the town Whoville, where Christmas is cherished by all the Whos that live there. Despite his efforts to ruin their Christmas spirits, the kindness and love that the Whos exude as a community ultimately outshines the coldness and bitterness of the Grinch’s actions to ruin their unbreakable spirit. In response to this, the Grinch’s views on Christmas change and he, as a character, develops an appreciation for the values of friendship and a newfound love for Christmas. So, we know he learns to love Christmas, but have you ever asked yourself, “Would he react the same way if he discovered Halloween?”

As you all know, Halloween is a spooky holiday solely dedicated to emphasizing the creepy and supernatural beliefs and traditions carried on throughout history since the Celtic Age in 750 B.C. At this time of year, on October 31st, people embrace the uglier and darker side of humanity. For some people, Halloween is summed up into scary movies, haunted houses, trick-or-treating and attempts to scare little children in the streets. All of this is customary for most people but ends after the night is over with. When you analyze the behavior of the Grinch during Christmas, he is feared by all of Whoville and develops the reputation of being heartless and cold. But this lasts for years and isn’t put to rest until one Christmas he finally seems to evolve into a better person. But with Halloween, the temptation of becoming wicked and foul is not so far-fetched. So, is it possible that he could revert to his old ways?

There is a very famous saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” meaning it’s very hard for someone to completely change their old habits and behaviors once they are established. Although this is true in many cases, there are some exceptions. When asked this very same question, Uroob Saeed, a senior Talon editor said, “He would most likely still enjoy Christmas and be kind while also keeping his naughty side and embrace it during Halloween.” Looking at the way in which the Grinch loved how he was feared by all and wallowed in the misfortune of others during the happiest times of the year, it seems plausible that this sort of behavior could resurface if he was introduced to Halloween. Another senior, Lianys Olmeda, believes, “There is a huge possibility that even though he learned to love Christmas, the Grinch might fall back into his bad habits and be more mischievous.” So maybe the spirit of Whoville wouldn’t stand a chance against this green villain during Halloween.

In conclusion, when you put enough thought into it, the Grinch’s bad habits are a part of his character. When he changes, he does it to fill the void in his heart and to pacify the loneliness that weighs him down every year. But he wouldn’t be alone during Halloween because he would be surrounded by the things he loves. Some could even say that the Grinch could be the “poster child” for Halloween and everything it stands for. So in the end, Halloween would be yet another day in the year where he could truly be himself.