The shoulder: scandalous or reasonable?

A look into dress codes and the controversial requirement of covering the shoulder.

Gasp, a shoulder in its entirety. A look at what 
we must cover.

Gasp, a shoulder in its entirety. A look at what we must cover.

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

Has a shoulder ever turned you on? If so, no worries because they are not allowed to be shown in their entirety at East Lake or many other schools. Whether this is a controversial decision or not, dress code has always been regulated in society. Even with the mandatory covering of the shoulder in school, clothing has never been more scandalous than it is now. Therefore, if you are feeling restricted due to the discouraging of tank tops, just look on the positive side: at least society isn’t enforcing head to toe covering.

Since the beginning of America, and even far before then, the men and women of society were expected to wear restricting outfits that could be described as difficult as straight jackets. Women had corsets and layers upon layers of cloth placed upon them. Men stacked on a suit every day. Then slowly over time the length required of a dress or pant decreased. Ankles and forearms could be shown and revealed without looks of horror. Then lengths decreased once again, until society got to where it is today: booty shorts, spandex, crop tops, etc. Now the only regulations put on clothes (at least for teenagers) are done so by school, work, or the occasional parent. However, people still are upset about what could be described as the most difficult requirement, the covering of one’s shoulder.

When senior Kiersten Stites was asked about how she felt about the covering of the shoulder, she stated, “Well, it’s kind of hard sometimes when we live and Florida and it’s so hot all of the time, but then I just think it could be a lot worse, so I don’t mind as much. Plus we can wear them if we have a jacket.” Her valid points just go to prove that despite the sometimes irritating restriction, there still is wide range in freedom of clothes. Although, one still has to wonder what is it about the shoulder that makes it required to be covered. The school Code of Conduct states that outfits should be “neat and clean, promoting a positive educational environment.” What about the shoulder distracts one from a positive educational environment? Perhaps it could be the strap of an undergarment, but it turns out that some people actually are extremely attracted to shoulders and arms. Therefore, a free shoulder could be greatly distracting because someone will want to stare at your shoulder all of class instead of doing their work.

Though having to follow regulations when dressed can be an annoyance to anyone, at times it could be a good thing dress codes are required. Junior Tabitha Cannon stated, “With high schoolers you never know what to expect. Without a dress code I wouldn’t be surprised if a student were to show up naked one day.” This very reasonable point, emphasized that at this age, people are feeling reckless and young and they often take advantage of that. If there wasn’t a dress code, school would most likely be rated R. Despite all the difficulties and moments of anger, one could be thankful that there are some restrictions in place.