What is East Lake’s favorite wild dog?

For the second version of East Lake’s Favorite, which dog will the students of East Lake like the most?

This is the Kit Fox (dog #4).

This is the Kit Fox (dog #4).

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

For the second installment of East Lake’s Favorite, it is dogs, Wild Dogs to be specific.  I chose these animals because they seemed to be less known than the eagles that appeared in the first installment and because they are all relatively different.  Also none of the dogs in the sample were going to be overwhelmingly picked due to a patriotic association like the Bald Eagle was in the previous edition of East Lake’s Favorite.

The Culpeo, which was dog #1, is a South American dog which closely resembles the red fox from North America except it has the coloration of an animal which stays in the sun a lot more, which makes sense because the red fox tends to stay in forests while the Culpeo walks around desert-like terrain.  Dog #2 is the Maned Wolf.  This dog I did not expect to be picked much due to its appearance.  From the last survey I learned that East Lake students tend to pick the most visually appealing animal.  This dog is like a red fox that got leg extensions.  Some students described this dog as creepy and unnerving to look at.  Dog #3 was the African Wild Dog, which obviously is native to Africa.  It is like a jackal but it is nicer to look at so a sizeable amount of students did choose this one.  This dog was also the most well-known out of all of them, with senior Logan Kieran identifying this dog as such.  Finally, dog #4 was the Kit Fox.  I fully expected this dog to win and my suspicions were correct when he came through with a majority of the students choosing this dog.

The Kit Fox was the cutest dog as many students like seniors Amanda Foreman and Kat Tansky pointed out.  It ended up winning the sample with 56% of the students’ votes.  Of the 247 students surveyed, 138 answered with this dog.

Following this was the Culpeo with 28% of the votes.  This dog looked very similar to the Kit Fox, but it was a darker coloration.  Because many people like lighter colored animals, this might have turned some students away from it.  It was by far the second cutest dog which, again, is the most important thing to East Lake students.

Coming in third place was the African Wild Dog with 12% of the votes.  Students who chose this dog were often able to identify it.  Of the 30 students that picked the African Wild Dog, about 12 were able to call it by name, including Logan.  I believe that students choosing this dog were picking it because they were able to identify it and that made them proud.

Finally, the last place dog was the Maned Wolf.  Students were not very eager to choose this dog, which led to it coming in with 4% of the votes.  While only 10 students ended up choosing this dog, they were interested in why it looked so different and this probably influenced their votes.  With such long legs and it looking somewhat like a quadrupedal Wendigo, they were very interested in the Maned Wolf.

This installment of East Lake’s Favorite was more successful in the purpose of the article, which is getting East Lake students’ unbiased opinions of an animal.  While there was some bias with the cuteness of an animal, it is going to be difficult to phase that out because most people will always be subliminally attracted to the cutest animal.  I know this because many of the answers to why the students picked the Kit Fox were “It was the cutest” or “I’m not sure; it’s just my favorite.”  These statements combined lead me to believe that the cutest animal will always win the survey.








This is the Culpeo (dog #1).
This is the Maned Wolf (dog #2).
This is the African Wild Dog (dog #3).