Last minute Halloween costumes

Four quick, cheap and easy Halloween costumes you can throw together right before your Halloween outing.


One can throw together a nifty costume last minute.

Skyler DiLoreto, Staff Writer

Every Halloween I tell myself that this year I’m going to actually try to plan what I am going to dress up as for Halloween. For some reason this never seems to actually happen, but I always have one of these costumes to fall back on.

  1. Witch

This costume is easy and a classic. Simply wear a black or jewel tones outfit with boots and find a hat of some sort; You can even spice it up with a cloak. This costume is also great because you can change an aspect of it every year and not look like you’re wearing an old costume.

  1. Cat

Though this costume has become somewhat basic, adding accessories such as a mask, collar or ears can make it more interesting. Simply wear an outfit of whatever color you would like your cat to be and add a tail. Paint whiskers on your face and you’re done!

  1. Devil

For this costume all you need is to wear red clothing of some sort and devil horns. Red lipstick can be added if you would like. One of the best aspects of this costume is that you can have one of your friends dress up as an angel and go for a cute group costume.

  1. Vampire

For this costume you just need to wear some dark clothing, preferably red or black and a cape of some sort. Add a little bit of fake blood and some dark makeup, and you’ll be all set. Fake fangs could look good for a picture, but tend to be a pain to actually wear.

With these Halloween costumes you’ll be sure to not only look good, but to have also not broken the bank. Have fun rocking them to a party or to go trick-or-treating, Happy Halloween!