Let your Body Flow into fitness

Find out about a gift to your health and happiness


This YMCA class burns calories and aids in relaxation.

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

Christmas baking has already commenced and it’s now time to get back into shape, which means a new exercise routine. Every year the average American consumes about 3000 to 4500 calories for a single Thanksgiving meal, and an average of 45 percent of those calories are from fat. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to get working, and one of the best ways to do that is through the exercise class, Body Flow. It’s a class held at East Lake’s local YMCA, and other gyms across the country, and it’s not your typical exercise class.

Many exercise classes at the gym can sound tedious and overwhelmingly difficult, but Body Flow is entirely different. It’s a class that combines Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga in only an hour. It works to stretch and strengthen muscles while also, helping one to find a sense of tranquility and balance through special breathing techniques. Regular attendee, senior Kiersten Stites, states, “When I first began I thought it would be impossibly hard, but it was manageable. Though I have been doing it for a couple years it has gotten slightly easier, but it still works my body.” Unlike many classes, it’s fit for almost anyone. It helps burn calories and fat and provides an entertaining routine with a vast variety of movements. The routines are matched to great playlists that provide a calm, but motivating environment. Best of all, the class ends with a ten minute period of meditation/ relaxation, which allows every participant to leave the class with the positive effects of the workout. With the constant flow from one movement to the next, and a brief period of relaxation, it feels as if it goes by in minutes. This is a major benefit for those who don’t prefer the feeling of a longer workout.

When one goes to a Body Flow class, there is no reason to show reluctance due to the fact that it is completely doable. Go to the nearest gym or exercise facility that teaches Body Flow, and try at least one class. Chances are you will come out feeling rejuvenated and balanced and will look forward to coming back again. Furthermore, Christmas time is coming up, which often means holiday sweets and a Christmas feast. Body Flow will push your body to its prime, helping to decrease the post regret of binge eating during holiday season.