Christmas Eve Traditions

An exploration into Christmas Eve traditions from various people

Mario Shontz, Staff Writer

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Throughout the world, Christmas is celebrated in many different ways, and people have many different traditions for celebrating the night before, Christmas Eve.  Though it varies throughout the world, I asked a few classmates to see what they do for Christmas Eve. 


First, for Christmas Eve, I go to my grandma’s church with my family for her Christmas Eve mass, and then we all walk around Tarpon Springs where different bags with candles in them are placed around a bayou, which is really pretty at night. Then we go eat and open a few presents. 

I heard multiple people say that they get to open one present on Christmas Eve and no more. That is indeed a cool tradition, and for younger kids I am sure it can build some excitement for Christmas day. 

Another interesting tradition I heard from a classmate was that they get a “knock on the door” from one of Santa’s elves, and they always get pajamas as an early Christmas present that they all wear for the evening. What I like about that is it really puts everyone in the Christmas spirit, I mean what could be more Christmas-y than holiday themed pajamas and Christmas decorations, and maybe a fireplace and some music? That is about as Christmas-y as it gets. 

I also heard from a few people that they don’t really have any special traditions for Christmas Eve, that mostly they just hang out with their family but there’s not necessarily any exciting things that happen on Christmas Eve. Maybe these people are just trying to save all the holiday celebration for Christmas Day, so as not to drag it out too long. If so, I do not see how that could make sense, as Christmas can never be celebrated for too long, and even if it could, two days of Christmas would not be “too long.” Perhaps some just do not like traditions!

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