Things to do on Christmas Break

Christmas and New Year’s and the days before only take up four days. Here’s what to do during the other 10 days of break.

1No matter what your Christmas  break activities are, having a fun and enjoyable time should be the number priority.
Photo provided by

1No matter what your Christmas break activities are, having a fun and enjoyable time should be the number priority. Photo provided by

Mario Shontz, Staff Writer

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Despite all the complaints people have about school, one thing it does do is keep you busy. This becomes especially evident during off times and breaks.  You don’t have a set schedule on break during the school year, and hopefully your teachers are nice enough to not assign homework, so what you do is in yours and probably somewhat in your parents’ hands.

Because many people go on vacation during Christmas break, whether it is to visit family or to go somewhere cold for a little while, sometimes if your best friend is gone people are unsure of what to do.  Fret not.  Here in Pinellas County, there are countless things to do.  You can go to the mall with other friends and shop around.  Indeed, there are many deals going on during the holiday season to entice spending-happy buyers that are very common during this time of year.  If you’re feeling adventurous and aren’t self-conscious, you can even ride the train around the mall and just have fun!

Another fun thing to do on break is go to the Dunedin Causeway.  In Florida, we are lucky to have weather where we can use the beach basically all year round and the most we’ll have to wear is a sweater.  One great way to increase your causeway enjoyment is by investing in a hammock, which will allow you to get comfy, and if it is cold a sweater and a blanket is all you need to stay comfortable. I know from personal experience that going hammocking with friends at the causeway is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things to do on break and any day really.

One other fun thing to do on break is throw a “friends-mas” party. Though actual Christmas day is for your family, having a “friends-mas” party around a fire or even just in the house is a great activity and will undoubtedly be the source of many good memories.  I know for my friends, as seniors, spending as much time making good memories with the people we enjoy being the most is the goal, and this is a good way to make that happen.

The list of things to do on break could go on and on. For some break means going to parties. For others it means family time. And still others see it as a time to relax and not worry about anything.  I am sure a few even use it to get ahead on homework, as crazy as that sounds.  Either way, if break is enjoyable to you then there’s no wrong way to spend your holiday break.

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