Top dog name trends 2018

Data obtained from

Data obtained from

Uroob Saeed, Web Editor

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It is clear that society dictates in our individual choices, whether it being fashion trends, taste in music, opinions on movies and TV shows, or in this case, pet names- specifically dogs. This article reviews the top pet dog names of this year, as well as the reason behind it. See what names you are familiar with. Maybe you happen to have done the same or know someone else who might have? As you explore the popular names included below, it may inspire some options for a new dog in the future…

One of the biggest events this year was the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. According to statistics, the names Harry and Meghan increased by 130 percent. The couple was so popular that so many owners chose to name their dogs after them! The popularity of celebrities extends to not only royal blood, but to that of singers and actors as well. For instance, Cardi B and Freddie Mercury inspired owners, with the rap artist’s increase in fame and the successful movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. People also named their dogs after superheroes and widely-loved characters from movies like Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Although people have been naming their dogs after the protagonist of a particular film, there has been a significant obsession with the villains as well. Names of villains like Bane, Syd, and Loki have increased 18% this year, with Pennywise rising by 500 percent.

Owners also tend to name their dogs after stuff they spend a lot of time doing, which includes hobbies, activities, and things they like. Food and drinks are definitely most common. Brunch names have gone up this year, but booze-themed names like Whiskey, Porter, and Guinness went up 17 percent. Human names have also sky-rocketed in 2018. In fact, many of the top baby names of this year was found in the top dog names list. The top male and female dog names are listed below:








Sadie, the “doghter” of Peter Breslow and family.

Top 10 Female Dog Names 2018    


Top 10 Male Dog Names 2018    


Bella Max
Lucy Charlie
Luna Cooper
Daisy Buddy
Lola Jack
Sadie Rocky
Molly Duke
Bailey Bear
Maggie Tucker
Stella Oliver


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