Who is the ultimate reindeer?

Rudolph clearly holds a majority of the game, but where do the other reindeer stand?

Rudolph and the reindeer gang.

Rudolph and the reindeer gang.

Amber McGinnis, Staff Writer

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I created an anonymous online survey to discover which reindeer is the best. I included a multiple choice question including all nine of Santa’s reindeer as well as an “other” option and a box for respondents to include their reasoning for choosing the reindeer they did.


First place was most obviously Rudolph with 35% of the votes. I feel like everyone most likely saw this one coming from a mile away. Most of people’s reasons included the fact that he helped Santa and the fact that they didn’t really know the other reindeer. Some people gave the serious answer of how Rudolph’s story is that of a true underdog; he grew up being bullied but learned to embrace his uniqueness. Others have more comical answers such as “he brings the most clout for Santa and his gang.”


Second place was a four-way tie between Dasher, Vixen, Cupid, and Blitzen, each earning 11.5% of the votes. Dasher was a favorite simply because he has a cool name that makes him seem fast and that he “dashes through the snow.” Vixen had an interesting array of reviews. One person claimed that he just seemed to have a good personality, another said he reminded them of Netflix’s Riverdale, and another felt that he seems to be a vicious reindeer which intrigues them. Cupid was simple one, people liked him because of his cute name which reminded them of love, and who doesn’t love love? Blitzen was liked due to his name causing respondents to think of blitzkrieg and because “blitzkrieg is pretty cool tbh.” For those of you who don’t know, blitzkrieg was a military tactic used in World War II which meant “lightning war,” involving weapons such as tanks and planes to concentrate an attack on a narrow front. So I am not sure why this evoked positive feedback, but nonetheless, the people like Blitzen.


Third place was a three-way tie between Prancer, Comet, and Donner, each earning a mere 4% of the votes. Prancer seemed to be liked due to the vibe of homosexuality that the name gives off, one respondent saying that “with a name like ‘Prancer’ they’re obviously ‘sleighing’ the holiday season.” This was probably one of the best answers I received in my opinion. Comet was chosen only because “he seems to have the most potential/his name is least likely to be that of a stripper…,” which I believed to be a very unique take on the question, though I do see their point in all honestly. Donner’s selector also had an interesting perspective, stating that “he is known to be loud and annoying, I feel that on a spiritual level.” Again, I can definitely see their point.


Next there were two other votes for people to select their own reindeer of choice. One selection was Thrasher the reindeer from Prep & Landing because “he’s a beast and likes candy canes.” The other selection confused me utterly, it was “Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf.” This answer made me question whether the respondent even read the question, but surprisingly they included that they know it asked about reindeer, yet they still stand by their answer. It is safe to assume that this respondent is a die-hard Elf fan as they included that “there is no other movie nor literary novel that competes with the magesticness of Elf” and that allegedly “Shakespeare weeps before the sight of Will Ferrell.” These statements are rather intense, though the movie is very good, so I cannot argue. The only quite of theirs that I disagree with is the passionate statement “Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf can take down Luke Skywalker with his pinky,” this is indeed a fun thought, but in the movie, he does but strike me as a burly man. Additionally, it was requested that I add “come see Elf Jr. Presented by East Lake High School Drama Department on January 22nd, 24th, and 25th.” I feel like they responded to my survey solely for that promo, but either way, I got some intriguing quotes out of it.


Last and most certainly least was Dancer. Dancer received absolutely no votes. I’m sure he is a lovely reindeer and all, but in the eyes of the world, he has not really stood out in a good way nor in a bad way, he is just a neutral reindeer doing his job. No hate on Dancer, but he didn’t fair too well in my reindeer poll.




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