First Underwater Theme Park?

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Lauren Hancock, Staff Writer

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The Persian Gulf country of Bahrain is hoping to attract tourists and thrill seekers with a one-of-a-kind theme park experience that we’ve never seen before. The “underwater theme park” will be a large diving site covering approximately 100,000 square meters. The center attraction, a sunken Boeing 747, will be specially prepared and of course, decommissioned. The other main features of the park will include a replica of a Bahraini pearl merchant’s house, artificial coral reefs, and art sculptures. The site is set to be opened in summer 2019, and construction is already well underway in the area.

The underwater attraction is supposed to be considered “eco-friendly” and is meant to promote marine life health and growth. Although this is the goal of the creators, some people question whether or not artificial reefs are a good idea for an “ecologically sound” park. The coral reef’s construction materials–copper, aluminum, lead, steel, and more–can be subject to corrosion, passing these heavy metals off into the surrounding sea water and potentially harming the millions of marine organisms in the area.

The airplane will not be the first jet to be sunk for entertainment purposes, specifically diving. In the United States, a Boeing 727 jet was purposely sunk off the coast of Miami in 1993, and another plane lies at the bottom of Mermet Springs in Illinois. There are other underwater attractions that have become popular recently, such as the Maldives underwater hotel, where you can enjoy a beautiful view under the ocean without getting a drop of sea water on you. There is also an amazing underwater museum located off the coast of Grayton Beach State Park, in South Walton, Florida. At the first underwater museum in the U.S., you can swim around and see several statues and sculptures.

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