What are the best things to do on Valentine’s Day?

(Picture from Google)

(Picture from Google)

Sara Mount, Staff Writer

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Every year the shelves of stores get filled with pink and red candy hearts as Valentine’s Day approaches. Valentine’s Day can be different for people every year depending on if you’re single or in a relationship. If you’re single, you may despise Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship, you may love Valentine’s Day or dislike the pressure of getting gifts. There are many different plans you can make to make the most of Valentine’s Day even if you’re single.

For single people, participating in Valentine’s Day is more voluntary. You can go a few routes of how to celebrate. You can completely ignore the holiday altogether and go to school or work like normal. Another approach can be to spoil yourself. You’re not spending your money on someone else, you might as well spend It on yourself. You can buy a bunch of candy or food, flowers, or chocolates you usually would not eat. Some people choose to celebrate with their best friends. This is called Galantines Day. Galantines Day is on February 13th. Galantines Day originated from Leslie on Parks and Recreation.  On the show Leslie takes her friends out for waffles. It can be an occasion for going out for food or ordering in food and eating with your friends. Senior Haley Kravek celebrated Galantines Day with her friends last year. She said, “We went to Olive Garden and ate on Valentine’s Day.” It can also be an occasion buying your best friends a gift. You can get them some candy, chocolates, or even flowers. Galantines Day can be more fun than celebrating Valentine’s Day.

If you’re in relationship, sometimes it can be hard to find the right gift for your significant other. Some ideas for gifts can be chocolate, bouquet of flowers, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, a big stuffed animal, concert tickets, or something you make for a more heartfelt gift. Senior Lauren Hancock says, “I look forward to getting chocolate on Valentine’s Day”. If you’re not exchanging gifts and you are just going on a date, there are many options. If you want a more adventurous date, try going ice skating, an amusement park, or going to your favorite sports teams’ game. For a more romantic or relaxed date, you can go out for a nice dinner or see a movie. Most gifts or dates on Valentine’s Day seem cheesy, but if you find something unique that you enjoy doing it can be a fun holiday.

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