Dorms at the University of Florida


Pictured here is one of UF’s suite style dorm from the Spring Complex, it is one of the nicer looking rooms

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

With many people committing to UF within the past week, housing has become a big priority for the rising freshmen.  This means they’ll need to know a little about each and every dorm that UF has to offer.  The first thing a student needs to decide is what kind of dorm they want, traditional or suite style.

Traditional style is where you share a room with one or two roommates depending on if you want a double or a triple.  You also share a bathroom with everyone on your floor, which is between 20 and 50 people for most dorms.  This is the selection for most new college freshmen because it is normally cheaper, and it gets you right into meeting new people because of your proximity to them.  For the more social people, it’s a good idea to try to get a traditional dorm.  East Lake grad Keegan Carr, who is in a traditional dorm with his friend Oliver, says, “I enjoy meeting new people and this gives me that option, also being close.”

While traditional style is the normal approach to dorms, some people don’t like this option.  Whether it’s sharing a bathroom with the entire floor or being that close to so many other students, they disagree with this kind of dorm.  They should be applying to get into a suite style dorm rather than the traditional one.  The suite style has one perk  that the traditional style will never have: you’re only sharing a bathroom with 1-3 other people and not your entire floor.  This is because suite style dorms are basically two traditional dorms with a connecting bathroom.  For some students this is a better option because they’re not used to sharing a bathroom with 40 other students.  That thought kind of bothers them because they wouldn’t have the privacy that they have right now.

Traditional and suite style dorms really aren’t that different, for most of them students are sharing a room with one or two roommates and they have neighbors that are fairly close or another set of roommates on the other side of the bathroom.  No matter what kind of room a student goes for, they’re going to have to make compromises because it’s very rare for one to get their ideal living situation.