Mac and cheese review

The real info for mac and cheese lovers

An ooey, gooey bowl of homemade mac and cheese is the perfect comfort food.

An ooey, gooey bowl of homemade mac and cheese is the perfect comfort food.

Lauren Hancock, Staff Writer

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Mac and cheese is one of the most popular kids’ menu items in the country and is popular in many other places around the world. Although the yummy pasta dish is enjoyed by children everywhere, it is loved by people of all ages. There are plenty of different types of mac and cheese even though it is just pasta and cheese sauce. There is homemade mac and cheese, restaurant served mac and cheese, and boxed or microwaveable mac and cheese. Each kind is equally good, but people definitely have some preferences and opinions about it.


Perhaps the best kind of mac and cheese is homemade mac and cheese. This delicious homemade treat is the best quality mac and cheese recipe. Senior Brooke Thornton says she “really enjoys cooking some mac and cheese on the stove at night.” To make the pasta taste the best and be enjoyed, many people bake the pasta in the oven to create a crispy toast taste on the cheese that is the best. Many boxed mac and cheese brands or restaurants claim to make “homemade” mac and cheese, but it doesn’t compare to a real homemade mac and cheese dish. When mac and cheese is really homemade, you will know.


There is a clear distinction between the types of restaurant mac and cheeses. There are restaurants that serve the basic Kraft brand mac and cheese and then there are restaurants that serve their own spin on plain mac and cheese. Senior Sara Mount says, “Panera bread has the best mac and cheese.” Many people would agree with this statement, as Panera is known for serving their mac and cheese in a large bowl of bread, and with an additional side of bread so it is extra delicious. Another restaurant that has received positive responses on their mac and cheese is Outback Steakhouse. The restaurant’s mac and cheese is very creamy and well-made, and the sauce is not overly cheesy.


When people think about mac and cheese at the store they typically think about Kraft. Kraft mac and cheese is probably the most popular boxed pasta and is very well known. The brand sells normal mac and cheese, white cheddar, spirals, and character mac and cheese. They have sold boxes with pasta shaped as current popular movie or TV shows characters which are quite popular.  However, store brand mac and cheese is usually not the best. The cheese is not very tasty and is not enough. Annie’s mac and cheese is decent for a lot of it being organic. They have good tasting cheese and it tastes not bad overall. Velveeta microwaveable mac and cheese is another very good brand. The Velveeta cheese is cheesier than others which makes it stand out from other mac and cheeses.


Mac and cheese is continuing to become more and more popular and is always being made into more dishes. It is no longer just for kids and is enjoyed in all kinds of places.


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