Pranksters Ascend

Jokes, pranks, and laughs are coming your way for the month of April.


A picture of some true effort put into an April Fools’ prank, by gift wrapping a coworkers office. Picture: Buzzfeed

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

It’s the time of the year that every jokester and prankster has been anxiously waiting for. Yes, that’s right, it is the traditional holiday of April Fools’ or All Fools’ Day. Though it is celebrated April 1st, the month of April is considered the perfect time to carry out pranks or begin a pranking war. In honor of this magnificent holiday, here is a list of pranks and jokes to pull on any fools you know.


  • Hide all the shoes in your house somewhere that your family can’t find them. That way when everyone is all ready to leave they will be completely confounded as to where all their shoes have gone to. Then the prankster inside can bask in the joke with two nice shoes on their feet.
  • One classic prank that has been viewed on a favorite American television show, The Office, is placing a used item in Jello. Though in the show, it is a stapler that is placed in the Jello, but any item can be used. Place the dish somewhere your victim will spot and watch them struggle to eat or dig their way to the item. (In case you are worried about ruining any item, plastic wrap it. That way it will be good as new as soon as they get to it.)
  • Choose a friend and wrap everything in their bedroom in gift wrap, going as far as wrapping each sock. Though this is a more time consuming and tedious project it will definitely pay off in laughter.
  • Take Oreo cookies and remove the creme. Replace it with a delicious filling of white colored toothpaste. Nobody will suspect a thing, and their faces will be priceless once they put that cookie into their mouth.
  • Find someone you know with a rear camera in their car that they often rely on to back up. Place a picture of a horror movie villain or their favorite actor in front of the rear camera, so it pops up when they begin backing up.
  • Take a bag of some rank onions and heat up a pot of caramel (yes, I think you know where I’m going with this). Then roll those onions and give them a full coat of caramel, and go around passing them out and say they are caramel apples. This ingenious idea is sure to give you a couple laughs.
  • Grab your friend’s phone and change your contact name to Mom or Dad. Start sending strange messages (very not-like parent messages) so they become extremely confused. Enjoy the show.


Pranksters, it is your month to shine so go out there and joke away. Every year you wait for this moment and it is finally here in 2019. There are hundreds of great pranks out in the world and it is best to take advantage of them, especially because most people forget about this magnificent, spectacular holiday. Therefore, go out there and have some fun. Happy April Fools’!