The Giving Campaign at the YMCA

A month long incentive-filled charity drive that supports YMCA after school child care


Pictured here is the door that my manager decorated to track how much we raised for the giving campaign.

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

Starting on March 18th, the YMCA staff members who work at Leila Davis Elementary started their annual charity drive.  This charity is called The Giving Campaign and its purpose is to raise money for the less fortunate children all around the state.  To attend the YMCA’s after school program it’s about $60 a week and with a lot of the YMCAs around the nation participating there is a lot of money going to help people pay for their “tuition.”  I believe this is a really good cause because many of the parents who are on free or reduced YMCA tuition have a job and are working towards getting a better life for their kids.

Leila Davis is the site where I work, and there were incentives to get the parents to donate to us.  One of which was a pizza party once all the groups raised $100.  This goal was reached by one of the five groups in less than a week and a half.  The way a lot of children got money to donate was by asking their parents if they can do chores so that they can donate their chore money.

Another incentive that the kids can donate for is a water balloon fight.  For every dollar that they donated towards the water balloon fight, the child got a water balloon.  These water balloons were to be used on April 15th, which was the day of our Giving Campaign Party where we had pizza, the water balloon fight and one more special incentive.  Some of the children saw this as an opportunity to get a bunch of balloons and subsequently throw them at the staff members, which left most of us soaked with water by the end of the day.  Most of the staff members expected this to happen which is why we intelligently brought a change of clothes.

The last incentive to donate was to pie one of the staff members in the face.  For this we had buckets set up for loose change.  The result of this was one staff member having an overwhelming victory in the amount of money raised: this person had about $25 in their bucket while the next highest had $11.  This staff member was sadly me and I spent my day at work on April 15th with an entire chocolate pie from Publix shoved in my face.  While my hair was messed up and my clothes were covered in pie, I didn’t mind at all because I knew that this was for a good cause and I had fun knowing that the kids were excited about raising money.

We did successfully reach our donation goal.  We were shooting for $1,000 and we ended up with $1072.15.  While this doesn’t seem like a lot of money, almost every school in the country associated with the YMCA is participating in this charity.  Also, every school’s goal was $1,000 and even if they didn’t reach the goal, they did raise some amount of money and that’s what counts.