Dorm room decoration ideas to spice up your living space

Moving out is fun, especially when you get to decorate your own space.

An example of a nicely decorated dorm room.

An example of a nicely decorated dorm room.

Marley Burwell, Features Editor

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College is an important time in the lives of the youth across the world. Leaving home is a difficult thing to do for most people. This is due to the fact that one is leaving behind the stuff that they are comfortable with: the bed, the pictures and posters on the walls, the privacy, and even the ceiling fan. For most people, college comes with a lot of new and exciting experiences, such as a dorm room. An unfamiliar room can be daunting and scary. But making it a little more home-like and personalized is sure to ease the uncomfortable feeling in those first months.

One thing that could be done to make the dorm room reflect the personality of the occupant is a wall tapestry. Wall tapestries are big space fillers with a cool design, quote, or picture on them that will look great in any room. There are tons of tapestries to choose from. There is sure to be one catered to every personality type. Whether you want a quote from Shakespeare or a picture of dinosaurs floating in space, the tapestry of choice will be sure to liven up the room. A huge variety of tapestries in various sizes can be found on

Another way to give a dorm room a little life is to have a cozy comforter and throw pillows. Throw pillows on a cozy looking bed can give a dorm room exactly what it needs to feel a little more like home. Throw pillows of all types, textures, and colors should be considered. A throw pillow with a pop of color is perfect to bring out personality in a room. A great place to find pillows is at a store like Target or on Amazon.

Since most dorm rooms have roommates that come along with them, coordinating colors with the person living there is a really fun idea. Matching themes throughout both sides of the room is a great way to keep an aesthetic look and a fresh feel. Even though the sides of the room will match, the little differences and details can set them apart and create a space purely unique and suited perfectly to an individual.

Pictures of friends and family are great to hang around the dorm. While most dorms do not allow anything to be nailed to the wall, double sided tape works well to hang them up. College can get lonely without family around, but with pictures of them, everything should be okay. Its super easy to get photos printed at CVS or Walgreens and even easier to put up. Photos can also add a great aesthetic to the room, making it seem more sophisticated while still young.

Fairy lights are very popular. A set of them in the dorm room can add a lot to the room. They are pretty and items, such as pictures, can actually be hung in between the bulbs. They can be around the window or around the bed, but they will always add a sense of a cozy feeling to the room. A light string also offers a dimmer light setting for the space. The overhead lights can be so bright and if having a movie night or simply getting tired of a bright light, the amount of light emitted from the light string will be perfect.

Dorm rooms are spaces that you can really make your own- even though it is not technically yours. Decorations are a big part of dorm rooms and making it comfortable is of the utmost importance.