How will you eat in college?

Meal ideas that will make your life easier.

The classic quick breakfast food.

The classic quick breakfast food.

Annarose Alemayehu, News Editor

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Many of us are heading off to college this summer or fall, which means living on our own for the very first time and taking on the major responsibility of taking care of ourselves. Many of us are going to need to learn to cook because dining out and takeout can only get us so far. Fortunately, there are quite a few different and easy meals to help us get through our next four years at college.

  1. The first great and easy meal is microwavable ramen noodles. You can get a 24 pack on Amazon for just $28.80! That is a major steal that will save you a lot on money in the long run. You can also find ramen at your local grocery store like Publix, Walmart, and Target.
  2. Another favorite for many people of all ages is cereal. There are hundreds of types of cereal from super healthy to extremely sugary. From Special K to Lucky Charms, you can never go wrong with eating cereal. It’s also very accessible, cheap and easy to store in small places so it will be convenient to keep in your dorm room.
  3. One amazing food many of us young adults love is ice cream. Many do not consider ice cream a meal, but ice cream does the job very well and many find it to be very filling and comforting. You can find ice cream anywhere from your local grocery store to a convenience store or even an ice cream shop close to or on your campus.
  4. Another go-to meal is butter noodles, which takes just about 11 minutes to make. It is super easy to make, and it can last you for a couple of nights
  5. Along with butter noodles, it is also a good idea to make spaghetti with sauce. Even on a budget, most college kids can pick up spaghetti and Ragu. Just throw the sauce in the pan for five minutes and you will have a nice plate of spaghetti.
  6. A great meal that can go a long way is Eggos, any Eggo product from the homestyle  and buttermilk waffles to the French toast sticks. All it takes is five minutes, a toaster, and maybe some syrup and you’ll have yourself a wonderful meal for any time of day.
  7. If you have room for it, frozen pizza can last in a freezer for a while if you have one and it does not take long to make. Lots of people love pizza, so it would be a great idea to get as many as you can.
  8. The last item of food that would be beneficial for any young college student is a sandwich. This is one of the best meals out there because there is a sandwich for everybody. A sandwich can work for even vegetarians and vegans. The classic peanut butter and jelly or the ham and cheese sandwich are good ideas.

Going to college can be a hard time for anybody especially during the first year, and cooking can be stressful. I hope these meal ideas helped and will possibly save you time in the future.