Summer day trips

Fun adventures to fill your summer with.

Kayaking down the 74 degree Weeki Wachee River provides a respite from the summer heat.

Kayaking down the 74 degree Weeki Wachee River provides a respite from the summer heat.

Lauren Hancock, Staff Writer

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Summer is right around the corner, and for some students this summer will be there last one as a high school, future college student. A few weeks into summer it is not unusual to run out of fun things to do every day to fill your time. There are plenty of other things to do besides the beach, although that is always a fun time.
One popular summer day trip destination is the Weeki Wachee river and “the cliffs.” Weeki Wachee is cold, fresh water filled with manatees and is so much fun to swim in. In order to make it down the stretch of the river, many people bring paddle boards or rent kayaks to use. Senior Sara Mount says that “it is so much fun to paddle board down the river because the water is calm and clear.” It is nice to have a break from the salty sea water for a day. Weeki Wachee also hosts its own water park, complete with waterslides and mermaid shows. The cliffs are somewhat close to the Weeki Wachee River and are something exciting to do as well. The cliff area provides a place to jump off into the water from a jumping cliff. The cliffs have become increasingly popular over the past couple years and more people are visiting the area to jump.
If you are looking for a beachier day destination, a fun place to go is Sarasota. The beaches at Sarasota are beautiful, and one of the best ones is Siesta Key beach. The sand is unique and awesome to play with or lay in. If you’re looking to stay more on land, you can visit St. Armond’s Square, an outside, beach shopping circle. The environment of St. Armond’s square is like a vacation beach time and regardless if you’re looking to buy anything, it is a lot of fun to window shop there. Freshman Sarah Hancock says that “Sarasota is a fun place to go to the beach.”
Another place that has become very popular in recent years is Hyde Park in Tampa. Hyde Park has lots of cool restaurants to visit and is the perfect place to go for a nice lunch with your friends or family. One of the most famous attractions at Hyde park is the cupcake store. They have their own cupcake ATM, where you can buy a cupcake of your choice to go. Hyde Park also boasts plenty of popular stores to shop at and is a great place to go to walk around and see the sights. Senior Jasmine Kellogg says that “Hyde Park is a great place to take pictures and is a cool environment.” It is a cool place to hangout for a day.
If you are more of an adrenaline seeker, then you may want to head to Busch Gardens for the day. The theme park is about 45 minutes away from East Lake and has some rides that can compete with those in Orlando. Falcon’s Fury, a 400-foot-tall drop tower, tilts riders face down before plummeting them towards the ground like a giant bird. If you are looking for a fun roller coaster, then try SheiKra or Cheetah Hunt. Both coasters are super-fast and feature unique tracks. SheiKra is famous for its 5 second hang over the top of the track before you fall 200 feet straight down. Their newest roller coaster, Tigris, opened on April 19th, just in time for the summer. If you aren’t so into rides, you can always see the animals and other attractions that the park has to offer.
Regardless of what your idea of a fun day trip is, there is always something fun to do close by to switch up your summer days.