Is it too early for Hallothanksmas?

The only right answer to that is never


Hallowthanksmas has officially begun! (customflagco)

Lauren McCloy , Staff Writer

Yes, school may have just started again, but that means that it is the most wonderful time of the year, with some very important holidays approaching. The next four months consist of haunted houses, family dinners, Christmas magic, and so much more. But people feel the need to start preparation in September, which is practically the buffer month for the excitement that the end of the year brings. This brings us to the holiday running from October to New Year’s Eve, Hallothanksmas. Due to people’s need to start the holidays earlier and earlier, the three holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas have merged into one huge holiday.

First of all, October brings in a new season, fall.  Fall represents cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything, and the famous Florida haunted houses, from Busch Gardens to Universal. How can you pass up the opportunities to make and/or eat October treats like pumpkin pie, caramel apples, or any other seasonal sweet? Plus, you have the chance to do things with all your friends like corn mazes, pumpkin carving and the haunted houses that are worldwide known. And with all the cute fall photo ops, your Instagram will be practically flooding with people at the pumpkin patch! And who doesn’t love Halloween? There is so much to do for Halloween and endless costume ideas. It is also the start of this three holiday, holiday!  Halloween Horror Nights at Universal started September 6th and Disney’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween started in August, so therefore it is not too early to start getting excited for Hallothanksmas!

By the time Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is basically right around the corner and with friends and family coming from all over this holiday is important to everyone. Thanksgiving is such a wholesome holiday and just makes you feel warm and fills your heart (and stomach) with love. Being able to have a day specially for being thankful is amazing and so meaningful. It reminds everyone to live like that every other day of the year, too. And the day after Thanksgiving is, at least in my head, the start of the magical Christmas season!

This entails the Christmas carols, theme parks having their annual Christmas festivities, it being cool enough to wear a sweater in sunny Florida, and Christmas itself. The lights and (if we are lucky) frost on the ground makes you excited for this holiday, Christmas music plays all the time and festive decorations are on every corner. the world just seems a little more joyous. Even if you don’t celebrate, the world is just happier during this time of the year.

We are coming so close to the best time of the year. So Happy Hallo-thanks-mas! Go get those Halloween decorations; it’s never too early to be in the holiday spirit!