How to be Tik Tok Famous


Tik Tok now has over one billion users since it came out in September 2017

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Coming from a school of multiple “Tik Tok famous people,” including myself, it’s completely possible to go “viral” over one single video. For me it was flexing my bedroom and getting over 669 thousand views. For others it’s simply just lip syncing a popular song, or even showing off famous celebrities. At East Lake we  have a number of “Tik Tok famous” students roaming the hallway, and now a guide on how to become famous on this media breaking platform.

The only way to become Tik Tok famous is to really have fun with the app. People go viral on that app for so many things; think outside of the box! Koda Soares, a sophomore at East Lake with 65.5 thousand followers, says, “My favorite thing about Tik Tok is the actual fun people within its community experience. The point of the app is not who’s gonna get the most likes.” People are on that app for so many different reasons and what you post someone could like and from there it spreads around the world. It’s all about enjoying your content, cause if you do then others will too!

Sharing your life and the crazy and interesting things that you have been though tend to appeal to others as well. “My first viral video was about when I met Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello in Tampa. It has over 1.3 million views, which is insane to me,” says Olivia Clift, a junior with 11.1 thousand followers. And it doesn’t even have to be something as wild and crazy as Olivia’s experience; it could be something as simple as a night out with you friends or homecoming. People love to share their life on all social media platforms, but Tik Tok is different in that way as it sends a video to not only your following but to others that might be interested too.

There aren’t any specific steps to becoming Tik Tok famous; just be yourself and share your content. This platform is so broad and there are so many ways to share and create. If you are looking for a way, just be yourself and have fun doing it! It is a media that really allows you to be yourself “with no judgement” explains Sarah Waldron, a senior with 164.3 thousand followers. And anyone can do it! So that’s my guide to becoming Tik Tok famous: just have fun and don’t get too caught up with the numbers! Everyone started somewhere.