Dracula Reimagined

Alex Plaskon, News Editor

Count Dracula is one of the most infamous Halloween icons. We know him as the title character of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, in which he moves from his castle in Transylvania to England so he can infect others with his “undead curse.” In pop culture, Dracula has become one of the most well-recognized Halloween characters of all time; appearing in films such as Dracula (1958), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) and Hotel Transylvania (2012). Most people know him as a heartless, bloodsucking creature who dons a black cape, evening attire, a pale face and sharp fangs. But what if Count Dracula had been written for the 21rst century audience? This is my rendition of what Count Dracula would be like in today’s world.


            Appearance: Count Dracula would be described as a man of luxury and refinement. Instead of wearing a black cloak and 2-piece suit, Dracula would dress in a refined pinstripe suit. His hair would be neatly gelled into a sleek, low man-bun, and his nails would be acrylics, matte black and coffin shaped. He would still be pale, but that’s not because he’s afraid of the sun. Instead, he’s helped develop an SPF 10,000 sunscreen so he can pass as a normal human.

Location: Instead of a Transylvanian Castle, modern Count Dracula would be living in a luxury penthouse in New York City. It is there that he enjoys the luxuries of the high life and modern society. The furniture is classic, sleek, and modern, made exclusively from Italian leather. He’s a rich man, and lives in seclusion, staying out of the public eye.

 Feeding Habits: In the 2010’s, Dracula isn’t concerned with getting a supply of blood. Instead, he feeds on plant-based “blood,” made exclusively for vegans. Because of this, he has no need to chase down other humans for his next meal. The only curse he’s trying to spread to other humans is that of veganism.

Career: Modern Dracula is a venture capitalist, concerned only with stakes in other people’s businesses instead of hearts. He likes to suck the money out of other’s pockets to fund his own life. His most successful investments include SPF 10,000, plant-based “blood” banks (for vegans of course) and luxury coffin shops.


This reimagination of the iconic Count Dracula is one made for the 21rst century. This rendition of Dracula shows that the real monsters of today’s day and age aren’t prowling the streets looking to kill; instead this monster symbolizes those in high power positions who use their prowess to hurt others. Although this may seem dark, it’s always good to have monsters and icons who represent our society. All that aside, Dracula is my favorite Halloween icon, and it was fun to reimagine him in a new way.