Pokémon Types

Calena Lopez, Staff Writer

All Pokémon creatures and their moves are assigned certain types. My favorite types of Pokémon are electric and ground. Although those are my favorite, they aren’t the only Pokémon types in the series or movies. The other main Pokémon types are fire, water, and grass. Pokémon types can be combined such as rock and ground or steal and ground breeds.

Onix is the most amazing breed of rock and ground Pokémon. He has a magnet in his brain, and he uses this magnet as some sort of compass so when he is tunneling through the ground and soil, he doesn’t get lost or thrown off track. As Onix becomes older, the magnet becomes rounder and smoother. Even though he is one amazing breed of Pokémon he still has his weaknesses. Grass and water account for these soft spots and when confronted in battle by these types, he may struggle to fight. After Onix evolves, he turns into Steelix. In the Pokémon realm there are only 75 ground type Pokémon and only 26 of them have ground type moves.

The world’s cutest and yet dangerous water Pokémon is obviously… Piplup. Although Piplup looks like a cute cuddly penguin… he is not. This Pokémon is vicious and doesn’t back down when it comes to a fight. These Pokémon are very strong-willed and will do anything for freedom, Piplup’s don’t like being taken care of and don’t listen to their trainers. Piplup’s weaknesses include electric and grass, and his attacks are peck and wave splash. Piplup evolves into Prinplup and then later on after much training and battling, he evolves into Empoleon. There are currently 143 water-type Pokémon, and only 35 have water type moves.

Everyone knows Pikachu because he is Ash’s sidekick and main Pokémon. Pikachu is a type of electric Pokémon, but he is not the only electric Pokémon. Different versions like him such as Pichu and Raichu are his evolution. Pokémon like Plusle and Minum, who are twins that represent positive and negative charges. There are only 62 with this type and 36 that can do the electric moves.

Fire Pokémon are cool and fierce such as Rapidash and Ninetales. These two Pokémon are an amazing example of fierce and cool fire Pokémon due to their attacks and looks. The main Pokémon you may perhaps think of when you ponder of a fire Pokémon is Charmander. His evolutions are incredible and look absolutely amazing, his evolutions include Charmeleon and Charizard. There is a total of 74 fire-type Pokémon and only 36 of them have fire type moves.

Finally, the last Pokémon type we will talk about is the grass. In this type my personal favorite is Celebi. Celebi is a time-traveling Pokémon who is very small and adorable, yet very brave and loyal to their trainers. There is a total of 109 grass Pokémon, with grass moves.