How Old Is Too Old to Trick-Or-Treat on Halloween?

Some say that high school is the official cut off of trick or treating and

Some say that high school is the official cut off of trick or treating and “childish” Halloween festivities. (photo by

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

It’s the Halloween season! This means decorations are going up, candy is being bought, and people are going costume shopping. And as Halloween itself comes closer and closer, the question once again is asked: How old is too old to go trick-or-treating? Now everyone has a different say and option but I’m just going to go over what the broad answer is universally known as for the big question that has been asked for years. 


Now some people take this question to the extreme, cough cough, that one town in Canada that has a law that bans 16 and older from trick-or-treating and gives any rule-breakers a $200 fine, cough cough. But to parenting and Halloween experts, the rules are not always so clear. But in a majority of the places, there are no official rules to trick or treating, only gray areas, cause people just seem to think you stop when you choose to. But is teenage trick or treating that bad? In the eyes of the older folk who do not want to go and buy more candy, it seems to be. But still, when’s the cut-off? 


Is there really a wall of acceptability that 12-year-old kids go through when they become 13? I think, generally, you’re going to get clowned on if you go trick or treating after the age of 12. So I apologize to all the teens who can drive, who want to go trick-or-treating this year. I asked the question; when should you stop trick-or-treating and the socially accepted cutoff is freshman year. But truthfully, the reason trick or treating exists is for the kids! Still trick-or-treating when you are old enough to vote, drive, or any other “older kid activities” defeats the purpose and there probably shouldn’t be laws telling you so. There are so many other alternatives to a fun Halloween for teenagers and you can always go out a buy candy for less than $5! 


Basically, once you hit your freshman year you shouldn’t be trick-or-treating with the elementary schoolers. Maybe pass out the candy, or go watch scary movies with your friends, or do your homework since it’s on a school day! Growing up is hard, and trick-or-treating may be hard for you to let go, but all good things must come to an end!