Don’t touch my hair

Solonage sang it first. Photo provided by

Kinou Louis-Charles, Entertainment and Editorials Editor

My years at East Lake High have taught me that many people become very curious when it comes to hair types that they rarely encounter. Every other day or so, no matter what style my hair is in, I receive a random question concerning the mysterious mass atop of my head and normally my answer would be, “hey man, I’m just trying to take a test,” but I figured I would take this opportunity to answer the most asked questions I have received from students about my natural hair.

How long does it take to do your hair? Depends on the style. If I’m twisting or braiding my hair, it may take up to two hours but if I’m putting in long braid extensions I need to block off a full day for that. Cute hair takes time, and if you have hair like me, you have to learn to be very patient.

Are you wearing a wig? I don’t know, are you wearing a wig? This is a question I will personally never answer because it is nobody’s business but mine. There is nothing wrong with wearing a wig; I just would rather not reveal it in the middle of government class, I like to fly under the radar.

Can you put objects in your hair? If you are asking if it is physically possible for me to smuggle Dollar Tree snacks into the movie theatre by hiding them in my hair…the answer is maybe. Other things such as tiny paper balls and pencils are not allowed in the zoning of my hair please and thank you.

Can I touch your hair? I didn’t wake up at 5:45 a.m. for you to wipe your sweaty hands on my head so, no.

I hope this has answered the questions many East Lake students have been eager to ask and if not, Google it.