Product Review: Broom

A trusty broom serving its trusty purpose

A trusty broom serving its trusty purpose

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

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Every once in a while, a product comes around that attracts attention simply by existing. The natural clout of these items must be attended to, and today I will attempt to do this. The broom needs no further introduction, so without any further ado, let’s get into this review!

The broom is a true classic-I dare you to find somebody who has not at least laid eyes on one of these babies. Seriously, I dare you. It serves a simple yet important purpose-the cleaning and collecting of debris on floors. This humble stick with bristles can singlehandedly transform a tattered surface into a spotless one when used with skill, and for that reason the broom has become an absolute staple just about everywhere. Brooms are used to clean up classrooms, restaurants, houses, stadiums, gyms, parks, and a million of other possible locations. They’re just that cool. The broom is also an extremely intuitive and easy product to use-simply push the bristles against the ground in any direction and whatever debris is in the way will helplessly be pushed along. Many brooms come with just the stick and bristles, while some also provide a scooping device that can be used to hold whatever debris you are attempting to move out of the way in order to make disposal a much easier task. Aside from this, the broom itself is a tried and true classic that I would recommend to any in search of a reliable cleaning tool!

After extensive review, the broom gets a fully positive rating from yours truly. Gone are the days where we have to be tortured by dirty floors, as we now have the power to push the dirt away. In a way, you could say that this iconic product’s review was a clean sweep.