Are Airpods Pros the real deal?

Airpods Pros, shown above, have a new revamped design for even more comfort and an improved cosmetic appearance. Photo from

Patrick Roghaar, Staff Writer

As of the yesterday afternoon of the time I am writing this article, Apple quietly launched a new set of headphones to their massive arsenal of technology. They’re calling them Airpods Pro, seemingly the high-end version of their ridiculously popular original Airpods model. These new headphones have some cool new features. Additionally, the product wouldn’t be labeled high-end and “pro” without an obnoxious price tag of $250. Let’s get into the features

Apple has seemed to have kept everything good about the version 1 Airpods, and added onto that to make one great product. The individual headphones come now in a revamped charging case. It’s easy to carry around and fits in your pocket effortlessly. The case needs to be charged in order to charge the headphones, and to make things easier Apple made the case wireless charging accessible. As for the headphones themselves, the look is fairly similar. The stems of the headphones have been shortened, solely for appearance’s sake, and the actual part you insert in your ear have been replaced with interchangeable buds for more comfort and better sound quality. The whole package is still gloss white, and very sleek if you have other white phone accessories for a “whiteout” theme. Apple implemented new “active noise cancelling” technology that can be turned on to block out external sounds and plant you into your own audio filled realm. On the other spectrum of things, Airpods pro also come with a new transparency mode, in case you need to listen to the outside world but still want to be at peace with the sound. Those are the two most significant features, but other tiny details are new as well. Apple is claiming a good amount of waterproofing on these, as well as a new and improved battery life, and sound quality improvements. As for pricing, Airpods version 1 and 2 started at $160 and so the price increase to 250 plants these into a pretty competitive high end market for Bluetooth accessories. The Airpods Pros have a promising future and plenty of specs to like. We shall see how they fare in the upcoming months before the holiday season.