Senior year: the broke in me

Senior year is nothing like the movies. photo provided by

Tiaran Vokes, Staff Writer

Senior year is supposed to be the best year of high school; at least that’s what people say. For the past three years I’ve waited for senior year to come, yet here I am wishing I go back in time. All I can say about senior year so far, is that it’s nothing like High School Musical 3: Senior Year, there has not been one single flash mob at lunch. On October 25, I faced reality when I was given a neon-yellow piece of paper that listed all the money it will cost to have a fun senior year.

Let me start with the essentials for senior year. In order for my family to see me graduate, I must buy the cap and gown that will run me $42.90. Next, I must pay the $35 walking fee, if I pay before March 3, and if I don’t it goes up to $40. Oh, and I forgot to mention that in order to even park at Tropicana Field, I have to pay $10. Next you have senior photos. If you’re like me, photos don’t really matter, but if you’re like my mom, photos are everything. The lovely company that East Lake High School partners with charges $45 for individual portraits and packages range from $149 to $699. Isn’t that cheap?

Now for the fun stuff. The first fee, I’m going to have to pay to make my senior year a blast is the $165 ticket for Universal’s Grad Bash. That $165 doesn’t include food, so your boy is going to have to bring some bills with him. The next exciting thing my hard-earned money is going to is senior breakfast. Senior breakfast is $35, and if I’m paying that much for breakfast, it better be delicious. The final cost for senior year will be prom.  The price of prom has not been determined yet but based on past years it will be an estimate of $60. Such a great price for me to dance to “Party in the USA” for four hours.

So now you know that senior year won’t be cheap. I know that I don’t have to participate in any of these activities, but senior year needs to be a year to remember. It’s going to cost me an estimate of about $347.90. That’s a lot of money to spend to participate in these senior activities, which means I can’t quit my job until I save up enough for my senior year. Or I can hopefully rely on my relatives for sending me money when I send out my graduation announcement to them.