A Christmas in Spain

Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo, Staff Writer

In Spain we start Christmas the eighth of December, having a three-day vacation to be able to put the Christmas decoration in our houses. The small kids, which go to middle school, do Christmas work during a whole month! The 21st of December we finish school earlier than normal, as a sign of first day of vacation.

The 21st, 22nd and 23rd of December are the craziest days of all, tons of people in the city buying food for our big families and friends reunion, people buying toys like crazy, couples walking through our city which is covered in Christmas lights and teenagers having a hot chocolate.

The 24th of December its tradition to have a dinner either with family or with friends, a big dinner where we eat embutidos with eggs and ham, cheese, wine and champagne. The 25th of December Santa comes in the morning and kids spend the whole entire day playing with their new toys; we do a big lunch with family the 25th and everybody parties for the whole next three days until the 27th of December.

The 31st we have New Year’s. We have a family dinner and after midnight, parents hang out and teenagers go clubbing. Now, the Spanish real tradition is about the 3 magic kings which come the sixth of January with more presents after Santa. The 3 magic Kings saw Jesus born and blessed him for life. It is said that they always follow the brightest star in the sky and that they are always watching us. If you misbehave, as a present they give you coal.