Five cheap Christmas gifts

Ballin’ while broke

Kinou Louis-Charles, Editorial/Entertainment Editor

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Tis the season to be broke; Christmas is here, and you have to get about ten different people gifts. Of course, the holidays are still about good tidings and cheer along with defending the existence of Santa Claus, but you still need to buy those gifts. As a broke high school student myself, I feel your pain and I am here to let you know it will be alright because I have compiled a list of five cheap things you can buy as cute Christmas gifts.

  1. A mini portable speaker–I know, I know, “I don’t have the money to buy a new speaker.” Well, are you aware that the lovely store Five Below sells mini portable speakers? I should know, as I received one as a Christmas gift before and I have to say they make great presents and project amazing music, working fantastically.
  2. Bath bomb– Bath bombs are nearly sold everywhere and make cool gifts for friends and family. Who wouldn’t want the excuse to have a spa day? You can find bath bombs at places such as Walmart, Target, and CVS.
  3. $10 movie theater gift card–If you are shopping for a person who is a fan of the cinema, why not buy them a ten dollar gift card to the movies? With all these great reboots and remakes as well as prequels and sequels coming out, there is someone who would love a free ticket to a fantastic show.
  4. Mugs–Mugs can be an amazing gift especially when it’s cute decorated ones. Whether they are portable or non-portable, aesthetic mugs don’t cost much. They are sold at Kohls for seven dollars and at Target for ten dollars or less.
  5. Fuzzy socks–The air is getting cooler so fuzzy warm socks would be a nice gift for a friend. When they are sold particularly everywhere in the coolest styles, so it’s almost hard to not your own pair of comfort.