Who is man’s real best friend?

Any of these cute critters will make a cuddly companion.

Any of these cute critters will make a cuddly companion.

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

In households around the entire world, people have a nonhuman in their families. These nonhuman friends are pets. According to studies, close to 56% of Americans have a furry (or not so furry) companion that bunks up with them. There is a very large range of animals that a family can choose to bring home. There are the classics: dogs, cats, or fish. Then there are the exotics: birds, snakes, and turtles. You can pretty much choose any animal in the world to call your own. But there’s one big question that everyone tries to answer; what pet is the best pet?

The thing about this question is that is it very hard to answer. This is because every person is different and has different constraints when it comes to what pet they can afford, take care of, and even want. Some families can afford the big dog that needs three hours of exercise every day while others can only get a goldfish from the fair. This must be taken into account when it comes to choosing which animal is best to call yours. Different animals can be great pets for some people and not the right fit for others. When asked about his dog, Brock Maloy says that “Spikey is a really good boy. He may be old and small, but he can hold down the house by himself and is a huge part of our family.” Understanding that every species, breed, and even individual animal is unique and will form a distinct bond with its owner will allow for someone to see that no matter what pet that they choose, they will enjoy the animal.

In conclusion, there is an extremely diverse spectrum of options of pets for a person to choose. People enjoy creating an unmatched connection that last a lifetime with their animals. There is an ongoing argument debating what the best pet is. While not all animals are created equally, every unique situation requires a different animal for a “perfect pet.” So as long as you do research and get the best animal possible, you can get yourself a perfect pet.