15 Weirdest Holiday Gifts on Amazon


Alex Plaskon, News Editor

The holidays have arrived. And with the holidays comes hours upon hours of gift shopping. As someone who loves a good gag gift, I took to the depths of Amazon.com to find the weirdest gifts that someone might actually want to buy. This wide variety of strange gifts is a showcase of some of Amazon’s strangest offers, from pooping dog calendars to plush placentas, this list of the 15 weirdest Holiday Gifts surely has something any weirdo in your life will love.

  1. American Mullet Socks-$11.95: These classic gym socks have a literal black, curly “mullet” attached to them-perfect for the crazy sock collector.
  2. 3D Dad Beer Belly Waist Pocket-$10.99: This fanny pack style bag gives the main man in your life the beer belly he always (never) wanted.
  3. Bag of Mixed Edible Bugs-$13.99: Know someone with an adventurous taste? This insect treat should satisfy them.
  4. Dehydrated Water-$14.99: I’m actually not sure what comes in this 16 ounce can. Just add water.
  5. Handi Squirrel-$9.45: This strange finger puppet comes with 5 parts- A squirrel head, two hands and two feet. Great for the animal lover.
  6. Unicorn Tears Cross Body Purse-$19.98: The perfect gift for the unicorn-obsessed. This soda cup style purse will surely be an attention grabber. Note: Comes coated in pink sparkles.
  7. Satan’s Blood Chile Extract Hot Sauce-$16.89: Know someone who wants to taste Satan? This gift gives you a taste of him-in the form of hot sauce. Perfect for the spice lover.
  8. How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety-$6.95: This book is great for any gun hating, cat lover in you know. Comes in paperback.
  9. I Heart Guts Placenta Plush-$22.99: This “cute” plush placenta toy is great for any new mothers or future doctors. Plus, it comes with a smile on it to make it look appealing.
  10. Liki Brush (cat brush)-$25: Has someone you know ever wanted to lick their cat, but couldn’t? You put this tongue-shaped brush in your mouth, then lick your cat. It’s said to be a “unique bonding experience for you and your cat.”
  11. 2020 Pooping Pooches Calendar-$16.99: This calendar has a different “pooping pooch” for every month of 2020. I’d go as far as saying that this is a very cringy gift.
  12. Spaghetti Monster Pasta Strainer-$19.40: Wanting to gift for your favorite pasta lover? This yellow, googly eyed tool was clearly inspired by the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (yes, that is a real thing).
  13. Novelty Chicken Wing Pillow-$15.98: If you know anyone obsessed with food, this is for them. This 17-inch chicken is the perfect gift.
  14. The Screaming Goat (Book and Figure)-$6.58: Who doesn’t love watching videos of screaming goats? This gift comes a screaming goat figure, along with a goat trivia book.
  15. Unisex Fish Slippers-$19.98: Something looks fishy (literally). These unconventional slippers are great for anyone who loves to fish.