Matilda came to some realizations about what truly matters in life.

Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo, Staff Writer

There was once a girl named Matilda, who was a very out-going little girl. She loved her friends and always did an amazing job for them to like her back. With the pass of the time Matilda’s number one aim in her life was for everyone to like her.

One day, when Matilda reached 9 years old, she looked at herself in the mirror, without even thinking what she was saying, she asked herself, “Matilda, do you like yourself?” She stood one whole hour looking at her own reflection as if she would’ve never seen it before.

With nine years old it’s difficult to understand most of the things about yourself, but Matilda knew for sure one thing. She didn’t like the things she had to do, to be respected in her group of friends. In tears she realized that she did not feel good about herself. She realized that real friends are the ones who love you for who you are, no matter what. She also realized that friends were important, but not as much as family is, as school and as being grateful for everything she has. Matilda went to bed happy, her heart felt warm. And she even felt proud of herself for being able to realize things and grow up. Matilda did not know what was going to happen next day at school.

Next day, before arriving to school Matilda was nervous because she was scared of seeing her friends and forgetting about everything that she thought yesterday. But when she saw them, the contrary occurred. When she arrived, they were all laughing at Carla. They were laughing just for the fact that she was sick, they were saying that she always fakes. That is when Matilda got fed up, and for the first time ever someone confronted the group. “What is wrong if she does not come to school, what is even wrong if she fakes being ill, we all wish to be home instead of being in school, what if she really is sick, so don’t get jealous and let her live her own life.”

All the group remained astonished, no one could believe what happened. And that is just the start of how Matilda gained respect among everyone.