Taking advice from Ferris Bueller

You need a day off

Taking advice from Ferris Bueller

Kinou Louis-Charles, Editorial/Entertainment Editor

Education is a gift, teachers are heroes, and school is important, but there comes a moment in your academic career where you are drowning in so many assignments and due dates that you start to reminisce through the times where you weren’t so stressed, sometime in kindergarten perhaps. It’s the second semester and that means we are full speed ahead until the end of the school year, or at least until Spring Break. Instead of playing zombie for the next couple of months and putting your brain on autopilot when you are knee deep in school work, you should take the simple advice from Ferris Bueller.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Now I am not suggesting you fake an illness, convince your friends to skip school and then go dance on a parade float (but if you’ve tried, let know how it worked out for you). I’m saying one Saturday or Sunday you need to completely unplug and take your surroundings. Our generation is either consumed by technology or school work and even though I can’t say I am any different, I suggest one day you should wake up to your body clock not your alarm clock and stroll through a park instead of scroll through Instagram and do something worth talking about next Monday. Life does move awfully fast; one minute I’m taking my freshman courses the next I’m claiming my senior parking spot. It’s too quick for us to keep our heads in the sand.

Ferris Bueller may have had an attendance issue–most of us have been there–but his overall point was valid. There are a lot of teenagers who forget to make their life their own purely because of how busy they’ve been. For students to work this hard they shouldn’t be doing it so aimlessly. Work hard to enjoy the next moment and then hopefully it continues on until we retire and traveling the world on luxury cruises.