Italy: Chapter 1


My best friend and I moved from New York to this small beach town in Italy.

Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo, Staff Writer

It is about to get dark outside, and I was just walking through the shore, barefoot, with my favourite type of beer in my hands.

It has been a long day, I am just trying to make it better. My phone rings. It is Mia. Mia is my best friend, together since we were 5. Before living in this small town in Italy we lived in New York. Yes, I know. It is a big change. But we all need changes in our lives. I answer the phone, “Mara, where are you? Did you forget about the dinner with Raz tonight?” Mia is single,and desperate to live one of those fake, cheesey, romantic relationships we all see every Sunday in movies.

I grab my shoes and go home, still barefoot walking thrpugh the small ancient streets. One of the main reasons why I am happy is because we live in a small apartment located five minutes from the most amazing beach I’ve ever seen.

Maybe you are wondering why did we leave the capital of the world and came to this small town, barely known by anyone.

Well, when your whole life is always the same, when you are surrounded by the same persons and live the exact same situations day after day you simply get tired, and when you get tired you search for happiness. And I think that searching for things is bad, you don’t search for real things, they come alone. Like love; I never searched him, he just appeared in my life and without even asking my heart was all hes the second I saw him.

Or maybe I’m just telling too much in advanced, maybe I had to run from someone, or from my heart, or from what was going to happen if it wasn’t for…..


Well, seems like I’m in a hurry, Mia came here with me because she is crazy and because she could not live more than two days without me.


To be continued…