Trees are cool

Look at this unique beauty, now that’s a snazzy tree if I’ve ever seen one

Look at this unique beauty, now that’s a snazzy tree if I’ve ever seen one

Claire Maloney, Web Editor

There is no debate that trees are some of the snazziest plants out there. You have aspen, birch, evergreen, oak, maple, palm, trees of the Christmas variety, and so many more. Trees are underappreciated and taken for granted, not just because they give us that delicious oxygen we rely on but also because they are beautiful and fun. Trees are everywhere and who doesn’t like them? They do nothing but sit there and be cool. There can one tree, two trees, red trees, or blue trees. Trees are our homies; they create happiness and spark joy. Marie Kondo would NEVER get rid of trees.


There truly is a tree for every occasion, they make everything so much better. Countless family memories have been made by decorating the Christmas tree and all our parents yelling at us for decorating the tree wrong. Not to mention fall would never be the same without trees; without trees fall is just the time of year everyone is in that awkward not hot not cold but both stage and we’re all becoming depressed again. Trees make everything about fall so much better. They are drop dead gorgeous when the leaves change color and it was always a blast and a half to play in leaves when we were younger.


Overall trees are pretty cool and we should plant more, I would rate them a solid 10/10 on the vegetation scale, followed closely by cacti which are trailing at 9.5/10. Trees have so much variety and pizzazz, who wouldn’t want 9,786? They’re also so good for decorating the most beautiful lawn on the block. I mean a perfectly placed lemon or olive tree can really make or break it. All I’m saying is I would trust a tree to babysit my kid.


This story was written by trees everywhere