Snack time

Embark on this journey of finding which snack is superior
Caption: Everyone agrees that snacks are good. However, no one knows which snack stands superior Caption: Everyone agrees that snacks are good. However, no one knows which snack stands superior

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

Picture this: You had a long day at school and had to do your math homework at lunch and hardly got to eat. You sit through traffic on the way home and you are ecstatic when you finally burst through the door. Another day in the books. Everything is perfect except for one little thing. You are starving. Your first move when you get in the house is to grab a snack. But here lies the question, what is the best snack of all time?

To understand what the best snack is, one must have a full understanding of what a snack really is. Snacks are actually quit the genius invention. A simple, quick bite to hold you over until the next meal. Just enough to satisfy that desire to eat without losing your appetite. A lightweight on-the-go food source for when you don’t have the time or money for a meal. Snacks are possibly one of the simplest pleasures in life.  A snack can kind of be anything you make it. As long as it is consumed between meals and is a smaller portion than a meal, it is a snack. Chips, pies, candy, fruit, meats, cheese, you name it. If it’s edible, its snackable. This makes finding the absolute best snack almost impossible. For the purposes of this article, we will be discussing the best purchasable pre-packaged snack. This significantly narrows the playing field; however, there are still countless products to choose from.

To start my research off, I asked numerous people what their favorite snack is. I interestingly found that everyone has a different go to snack. Senior Jacob Keeser said, “Goldfish and chocolate chip cookies, while senior Brock Maloy was quick to respond, “Goldfish and carrot.” I think that he only eats one jumbo sized carrot at a time. Senior Matthew Trotto, aka the GOAT, said, “Nothin like a soft taco from Taco Bell at midnight.” I received many answers ranging from brownies to Tide Pods (probably not a good choice). This made me discover that I was not going to find a popular vote that a large percent of people would agree with. But I knew that there was a snack out there that was superior to the others. An undiscovered gem was lurking. A diamond in the rough was upon us, I could feel it. I just needed to hunt.

This was no ordinary hunt. This was something that I was unsure I was prepared for. This was a battle. One weekend, I set out on the journey of a lifetime. I dropped an absolute bag at Publix on any snack I believed had a chance. I returned home to consume a massive amount of junk food. The results were shocking. There was an obvious superior. This snack barely made the cut in Publix. I thought it had no shot. I hadn’t eaten this snack in years, and I thought it was going to be average at best. However, after careful review, this snack won. This snack is fudge covered animal crackers. The pink and white ones. Absolute game changer. The combination of animal cracker with fudge and sprinkles hits harder than any other combo in the game. Trust me.

Finding the snack that outsnacks the rest of the snacks was quite the journey. It was an adventure that I will never forget. Thank you for joining me on this journey.