Birth of a Salesman


Patrick Roghaar, Copy Editor

                Hi potential buyer, my name is Patrick Roghaar and I am proud to be a part of the East Lake Baseball program. With the start of this new year, my teammates and I are conducting our annual coupon book fundraiser to raise money for the team. The coupons are concealed in an exceptionally designed, multi-folded, pamphlet style book about the size of a large flashcard. The coupons feature free and reduced items from local restaurants, businesses, and chains. As for what the coupons entail, for example, you could get free appetizers at Chili’s, five dollars off at Vetture’s Pizza, buy one get one pizzas over at Domino’s, five dollars off at Varsity Club, one free bucket range of balls at Wentworth golf club, and 50 dollars off of automobile services at TiresPlus and Firestone, and so much more. Each coupon comes in groups of either four or two, so you can use them multiple times throughout the year. That’s right, throughout the whole entire year. Upon purchasing, you have until December 31st of 2020 to use your coupons. You could easily save hundreds upon hundreds of dollars here. I am simply the middleman.

As for pricing, the coupons cost 25 dollars. It may seem steep, but I guarantee you will earn the money back with the value of the coupons. I accept any form of payment, that’s cash, card, or check. Please make checks payable to East Lake Baseball Boosters, and if you’re using a card, I can send you a link electronically that upon clicking will guide you through a step by step payment process. All the transactions go towards funding the East Lake Baseball team and helping to maintain our standards of excellence. Once I receive confirmation of an order, I will deliver the book to a place most convenient for you as soon as possible. I want you to be saving, and I know you want you to be saving, so it’s fine if I put you down for one?