South town


Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo, Staff Writer

I woke up after a very long night. Mia is a party animal and makes me be one too. Of course, she did not spend the night home. I decided to make this a self-care day, I am going to give this whole day to myself. Where should I go?

A lot of friends or people we meet talk about a very nice town at the south of where I live, two hours approximately.

I get inside the car, it is boiling hot inside here. I open all my windows and start to listen to my favorite album. The sun is entering the car and the wind is blowing my face, this is what I talk whenever mean happiness. This happiness that I create for myself, this happiness is better than any other happiness I know about.

The two hours go by very fast, as I absolutely love to have car rides alone, I think that is when i totally focus on myself, when I start to think clearly without any toxic vibes interrupting my head. Maybe its the happiness, maybe its the music, or maybe its the being alone which makes me good.

Parking at this town is very complicated because the streets are very thin and there are a lot of cars. Guess I will have to walk more than I thought, but maybe that way I can burn all the food I ate yesterday.

Wow, this town is very pretty, it makes you feel safe. There are people walking up and down all the time. Families laughing, couples holding hands; they are blind, they are so in love that it makes them blind, they do not even care about the town, they only feel the warmth of both hands holding on to one another as if it was the only safe thing to hold onto before falling of an edge. I guess I am jealous, It makes me want to feel that warmth. But now is when my brain takes action. Why would I want to be stupid and blind. I am intelligent, and strong. And the world has showed me that i do not need a man to be happy. Moving on, I have been walking through this cute streets for about two hours, while thinking on myself. I am starving, Trivago says that the best pizza restaurant in here is 7 minutes away, I am going to get my deserved present, for walking this much. I sit down in the table, and in front of me there is this man. Something inside of me changes, is it all this thinking about romanticism changing me? I don’t know, but he woke up something in me.


To be continued…