What’s your song? Pt. 1

If you relate sing along!

The song of my signs! Photo provided by Rodier.com

The song of my signs! Photo provided by Rodier.com

Kinou Louis-Charles, Editorial/Entertainment Editor

A zodiac sign is assigned based on when someone was born and from a sign many personality traits pop up. If a sign can describe so much about a personality, who you are compatible with, and even what lies in your future, I wonder if I can figure out what music matches each sign. Are you a Beyoncé or are you a Post Malone? Let’s sort it out! Sure, it may sound a little random but don’t lie to yourself and say you aren’t curious to know.


First up are the Pisces, born between February 19 and March 20. Pisces are gentle and ones known to adapt well to their circumstances. The overall vibe I receive from this description of a Pisces is: chill. A Pisces is the calm one out of the group of friends and doesn’t relate themselves to chaos and drama. The song chosen for this sign is Taylor Swift’s iconic song You Need to Calm Down. Pisces and this song both radiate the energy of being too chill to be bothered by someone else’s drama.


Sliding over to the Aries of the world, they were born between March 21 and April 19 and are described to be passionate and confident leaders who don’t like to complicate things. Therefore, an Aries can be embodied as someone who simply enjoys taking charge of their own destiny and staying connected with the community. The song for this sign is Grown Woman by the G.O.A.T Beyoncé. Grown Woman is a song that simply states you are free to make your own choices, which is just how the sign feels.


Next on the list are the Leos!  Leos were born between July 23 and August 22 and are pictured to be extremely confident, passionate, and generous. A Leo in a group of people would be the extroverted one going around and speaking to everyone at the gathering. The song that shapes a Leo is Juice by the amazing Lizzo. Just like the sign, Juice is a song that maintains basic boss energy and paints a picture of someone who is always there for family and friends.


The final sign for this article will be Cancers who are always in their feelings! Cancers were born between June 22 and July 22 and are known to have big hearts that they sometimes wear on their sleeve. The song for this sign would be Blank Space, another piece by the talented Taylor Swift. The song and the sign both describe someone who is deeply in touch with their emotions and aware of their outward emotional expression.


I hope the signs listed match up well with the chosen musical pieces for East Lake students. It is always exciting to see what type of person you can be seen as through another lens and it is even more interesting when often it doesn’t match your personality at all. In the end we are all our own people who don’t restrict ourselves solely to the descriptions under our assigned zodiac signs.